Modern Kitchen

Del Cerro

Well designed kitchens need breathing room to have a sense of openness and liveliness. This Del Cerro Kitchen, with a well-lit view of east MissionValley, is bathed with morning light, and its subtle visual dance of reflections, textures, and shifting colors and shadows animates the room in inviting ways. The tiling of unfinished natural stone blocks is a perfect counterpoint to the mirror-smooth steel of stove, sink, and refrigerator. It remains spacious, with high ceilings and strong horizontal lines of sight, yet balanced to a very human scale. This kitchen and the adjoining dining space use simple, clean lines animated with a variety of textures to create a beautifully balanced living space scaled for excellent utility, yet carefully incorporating freedom of movement. The dark-toned wood dining table helps anchor the overall lightness of the color scheme while the details in the wall tiling are textured beautifully with gray stone. The steel oven, ceiling vent, refrigerator, sink, and dishwasher pick up the warm colors of the natural wood flooring and red-accented steel cart.