Contemporary Kitchen

Kearny Mesa

Giving this kitchen a clean, modern look and contemporary utility, required a complete redesign. Muted off-white cabinets with subtle wood grain texture, stainless steel hardware and appliances, understated hardwood flooring, and a dark toned two-level island/breakfast bar with built-in wine cabinet create an open, sophisticated and highly functional kitchen. The visual focus: marvelous tiling, in an abstract mosaic comprised of polished steel, gray stonework, and ceramic, which shifts in color according to the light. The wall to the left of the island is a partition which provides a second entrance to the kitchen. The dark walnut hued island with leather stools provides a clean visual frame to the kitchen. The countertops are a lightly marbled off-white. The view of the kitchen from the dining room shows a stainless steel sink and faucet, with dishwasher below. The island houses a wine cabinet and the tiling detail where the preparation counter steps up to the serving counter.