Master Bedroom Additon

Scripps Ranch

The homeowners of a lovely two-story home in ScrippsRanch wanted to create a new master bedroom and that required a room addition above the backyard patio. This led to a complete remodel of the patio itself, and presented a golden opportunity to remodel, at least in part, a total of 15 rooms and other spaces, mostly along a pathway that extends from the guest bath and stairwell on the ground floor to a landing, hallway, three bedrooms and two baths on the second floor. While each sub-project has its special personality, the thoughtful integration of each element into a continuous whole is what sets this master project apart. Each detail serves a greater purpose, and each decision on color or materials helps complete the story. The structural demands of building an over-hanging room required expert planning and construction skills—yet the final results work seamlessly.

This master bedroom was created by the room addition. The client wanted a simple, clean look – note that there are no closets, only the handsome armoire that matches the style and color of the sleigh bed. The large east-facing window overlooks the patio, while the three small south-facing windows provide balancing fill light while protecting against the summer sun.

The master bathroom was completely remodeled, and its spacious, warm ambiance creates a highly personal sanctuary offering much more than a typical bath. It features two long cabinets, a small side room with commode, a spacious walk-in shower and a large oval porcelain tub with granite ledge that matches the two countertops. The bronze antique hardware and light fixtures reflect the earth tones of the tiling.