Warm Relaxing Bathroom

La Costa

A quality bathroom not only provides comfort but, if you let it, true relaxation. This beautifully detailed bath, created with a warm palette of subtle golds, reds, and highlights of shimmering greens, offers tactile pleasure wherever you turn. The beach stone shower floor massages the soles of your feet, and the mother-of-pearl sheen and texture of the sink is offered again in the shower tiling. The lustrous hardwood cabinets deepen the color scheme just enough to give depth and balance to the room. This bath is a haven where you may find yourself floating away in private reverie. The entrance view provides a sweep of well-matched materials, from granite counters to cherry-toned cabinets; from marbled shower walls to a hovering bowl sink shimmering with translucent colors; inset detail of mosaic shower shelf, mixing textured terra cotta with polished stone.